Queer Refugees CSD Rally 2017 - Open CALL

“Queer Refugees for Pride” is a social – political initiative by refugees to send our demands to Germany society, which was launched in 2016. The key component of our work is to be the voice of the LGBTTI* refugees in Germany, advocacy work, and to propel visibility and German wide dialogue. The structure of our initiative is based on founder/ spokespersons: Javid Nabiyev (Azerbaijan), Abdullah Al-Busaidi (Saltanate of Oman), Alia Khannum (Pakistan)

During the 2016 CSD season, by cooperation with local organizers we could participate in Brandenburg, Hannover, Aurich, Düsseldorf, Köln, Kiel and Hamburg CSDs. We invite you to check the gallery and see the colorful photos from our 2016 CSD rally.

However, we were part of several projects which implemented all over the Germany, to give workshops on importance of self-organizing, importance of social – political visibility.

NOW the time is for 2017 rally with all of YOU!


Last year as an initiative our main aim was to call all LGBTTI* asylum seekers/ refugees to become visible. Our slogan was – LGBTTIQ Refugee Rights are Human Rights. For 2017 rally our slogan is – We Have a VOICE! Under this slogan already we have started a video campaign. The Idea of the video campaign is to raise our - LGBTTI* asylum seekers/ refugees voice, to make heard and motivate LGBTTI* asylum seekers/ refugees to be active in a social, political life of Germany. We can’t keep our eyes closed to what asylum seekers/refugees go through.  Indeed, if there any discussions about our situation, we must be there, we must be involved! Because we are the living proof of the challenges we face, we are the survivors and we know better than others on what we need, what the solution can be! By this rally, we want to encourage and empower them to do so, is to make our voices heard as we take the rights we have now for granted and they (we) need to know that people actually fought for these rights and they were not there all the time. Under this slogan we try to involve more queer asylum seekers/ refugees to participate in CSDs/Gay Prides across Germany to help them accept who they are, to help them be more visible. The reason why we want to engage them (us) more in the political movement is to make sure that our rights are protected and in the same time if there's something missing that we feel that needs to be there we can make our voice heard. Because, We Have a Voice and Nothing About Us, WITHOUT US!

To reach our destination without allies, without you is not possible. That’s why we need support from all CSD organizers from different cities, from organizations that are working on LGBTI* asylum seekers/ refugees issues. There are possible opportunities to find an answer to the question – How you can support US?!

Last year by help of Amnesty International/ Hagen and 100% Menschen, we could print our flyers and banner for CSD rally. We are kindly asking you to help us with printing the banner/ sticker/ flag for 2017 rally. This doesn’t mean that we are asking for money transfer. You can check the possibility and your opportunities, then decide which one of them you can print for us and send via post.

First of all, we want to mention that, due to our social/ economical status for us is difficult to cover our travel expenses. That’s why we are kindly suggesting you, to invite us as a group to your CSD rally. As an example, last year CSD organizations provided us with travel tickets and sleeping places. The number of participants was depend on the budget of organization which invited us: 2, 4, 5, 9, 12.

Other suggestions:

  • Speech/ Interview on CSD stage;
  • During the CSD week, we can organize a discussion, round table by participation politician, LGBTTI* organizations, journalist, volunteers and etc. regarding the situation of LGBTTI* asylum seekers/ refugees in Germany. As an example, we made a research survey among the 100 LGBTTI* asylum seekers/ refugees regarding their living conditions, safety and discrimination/ violence. We are suggesting to present this survey and organize with you the discussion on finding solutions for these issues;
  • Joung filmmaker from China, Bin Chen which studying in Hannover made a film, HOMØE. Our suggestion is to make a presentation of this movie during the CSD week. The one-hour documentary follows Javid from Azerbaijan and Boris from Russia, two gay refugees as well as Melissa, a transgender from Syria to show their life in Germany. Old problems at home, new challenges in the camps... Documentary filmed in Hannover, Altena (Westf), Nürnberg, Bremen, Lübeck, Göttingen and Hamburg. You can check the trailer of this documentary clicking HERE.
  • Stay with us, be part of us and help LGBTTI* asylum seekers/ refugees to raise our voice for common, divers and respectful society!

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Javid (Cavid) Nabiyev

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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