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26 years old, first openly political gay activist, Javid(Cavid) Nabiyev is president of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan which created in 2012 and expert about LGBT Human Rights Issues. He organized  first Pride in Azerbaijan in 2014. Under name ‘We are old as Gobustan!’ was held in one of the oldest human settlements in Azerbaijan, against the "Homosexuality is European value and coming from there" opinion which society have. Also, he was organizer of first LGBT-Gender Forum in Azerbaijan.

He organized the "Hate Kills!" campaign, as tool was the cigarette box - as inscription on cigarette boxes: ‘Smoking is harmful for your health and people around you’. People around the Europe replaced the word "Smoking" with ‘Homophobia’ in cigarette boxes and sent photos to Azerbaijan.

He made interview with CONCHITA WURST to show her support and her message to Azerbaijani LGBTI community.

To show to society the opposite view of homophobia he translated the movie “All you need is love” into Azerbaijan.

Regarding ILGA Europe report Azerbaijan is most homophobic country in Europe - 49th place. Long term partnership with EU Parliament, in 2015 he achieved to including the article first time into adopted resolution by EU Parliament regarding Azerbaijan. Also, in 2015 by invitation Ulrike Lunacek - vise president of EU Parliament he had speech in parliament about "Influence of Russia to FSUC regarding gay propaganda Law".

For his activisim in politic sphere and mostly for LGBTQI issues he faced several problems and arrests. During 2015 European games in Baku, he organized campaign "Compete4Equality". After his engagement as blackmail his personal life published in media. And after he called as saboteur against society and government. For risk on his personal life, he left the country and applied for asylum in Germany. 

In 2016 for his activism on LGBTIQ issues by British Council, he awarded as Global LGBT Rights Influencer. However, because of his work on Queer Refugees topic, he was chosen as Ambassador of CSD Leipzig on 2017.

At the moment he lives in Altena(Westf), working on LGBTI refugees issues and continue fighting for Azerbaijan.

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Javid Nabiyev
Javid Nabiyev