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Abdullah Albusaidi is an LGBTIQ Activist from Saltanat of Oman. He started his work in 2008. As homosexuality and advocating for it is illegal in Oman, he worked behind closed doors and used the name Abdullah Albusaidi as an alias to protect his identity. His works started with organizing gatherings and parties for the gay community in Oman with the aim of creating a safe space of expression, unity and a community. Then he expanded his work to social media and played the role of a mentor for the younger gay generation, shearing his own experience, educate and shear information on homosexuality.

Abdullah who is 35 years old today, represented the Omani gay community in several workshops and conferences related to the LGBTIQ  in Turkey, Lebanon and Germany. 

He was one of the activist and humane rights defenders invited to the MENA LGBTIQ Conference held in Berlin November 2015. Organized by The Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Goethe Institute and Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation. The conference covered topics of human sexuality, gender, religion and discrimination.

Abdullah was outed to his family and his country through a radio interview, which took place in France and broadcasted in October 27, 2015. The radio station broadcast in Arabic to the MENA region. He has agreed verbally with the radio station to change his voice as he want to protect his safety and aware of the consequences. Unfortunately, the interview was broadcasted without any changes and he was recognized by his voice and the radio station posted a picture of him in their Facebook page. As he started to get threatening messages from his family while he was in France, he asked for help at the conference in Germany when he arrived in November 2015 . He feels very fortunate that he was not in Oman when the interview came out. However, disowned by his family, friends and the fear of persecution, Abdullah decided to apply for Asylum in Germany. He is living at the in Lebach in Saarland at the moment.

During his stay in Germany, Abdullah had the opportunities to work with several organizations like LSVD Cologne, Bikup, Anyway, LSVD Checkpoint Saar, and AK Queer Saar. Where he shared his experience as an LGBTIQ Activist and a gay man from a Muslim Arabic country.

Abdullah hopes that one day no one will have to wear a mask to fit the "norms".

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Abdullah Jbr Albusaidi